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Striped Bass Parachute Lures And Bucktails.


Striped Bass Parachute Lures at Spanky’s Lures are all handmade and are of top quality. Each lure features custom high quality stainless steel hooks and are hand tied. All stinger hooks are 10/0 in the 9 inch shad. These trolling lures are phenomenal as they have enough weight to get down to attract trophy sized striped bass. Our shads are American made soft plastic with a lot of action. All our lures feature something that will glow in the dark, whether it is the lure head itself or just the mouth. We do offer non-glow lures as well in most colors per request. Each striped bass parachute lure is tied with premium nylon hair in both the Pac-man and spire point heads. Our 1,2,3 and 4 ounce style Pac-man and Spire Point lures come tied as Buck Tails’; using real colored deer hair and feature a large 8/0 stainless steel hook.


Spanky’s Lures come with our standard combination color of hair and eyes. Our striped bass parachute lures are proven to catch trophy size Stripers  by several charter boat captains.  We will also custom make lures to your preference for a minimal additional fee. Such as two-tone hair or different colored eyes, lips etc.… Please call (410-621-5516) for all special orders and allow 7-14 days for manufacturing and shipping. We are now proud to announce that we are also now a dealer of Rapala, VMC, Storm, Luhr Jensen, Blue Fox, Terminator, Sufix and Williamson products.





Striped Bass Parachute Lures