Double Down Striper Fishing

Double Down Striper Fishing is about fisherman landing two Striped Bass at a time. It was another spring trolling trip out of Wenona Maryland aboard Lady Katy Carters with Captain Art Benton. He was trolling off of Deal Island with Spanky’s Tandem Lures. This lucky angler Doubled Down by landing two quality stripers at one time. Both stripers filled the net but were landed making this one happy fisherman. The advantage of trolling tandem lures is that you always have a chance of landing two fish because of the two lures on each pole. Lady Katy once again produce its limit of stripers this trip and provided this angler with an incredible story to tell. Hats of to the lucky angler and Lady Katy Charters from Get in on your chance to Double Down Striper Fishing by┬ácontacting Lady Katy Charters at (443-614-3885).

Double Down Striper FishingDouble Down Striper Fishing