Spring Time Striped Bass

Spring Time Striped Bass is about the preparation and anticipation of the up coming spring striper season. This time of year all the Charter Captains are working on their boats and their trolling equipment in preparation for the up coming spring season. The season starts April 15, 2017 in Maryland this year and the Charter Captains are visiting Spanky’s Lures to equip themselves with a fresh supply of Striper Lures to ensure that they have the best equipment on the Chesapeake Bay. The captains will position themselves at the mouth of the rivers in their areas on April 15, in hopes of catching these large stripers returning from spawning up the rivers. Here at Spanky’s Lures we try to provide them with the best lures possible to do this. Spanky’s Lures also runs a sale this time of year for the pleasure fisherman to provide them with some great deals. We want to make sure that pleasure fisherman are equipped with the same quality lures as the professionals. Visit us today at www.spankyslures.com or call 410-621-5516 and ensure that you are ready for some Spring Time Striped Bass fishing in the Chesapeake Bay.

Spring Time Striped Bass  Spring Time Striped Bass