Striped Bass Charters

Striped Bass Charters is about trolling for stripers aboard the Lady Katy out of Wenona Maryland. Captain Art Benton is one of the best charters out of Wenona Maryland when it comes to trolling for these stripers. He uses only the best lures (Spanky’s Lures) to troll for striped bass. He also needs great mates to produce such catches consistently and to be one of the best striped bass charters. Pictured below is Captain Art and the second best mate on Deal Island (Mike) and I know you are wondering, well who is the best then. That would be Spanky the maker of the lures of coarse. Just kidding folks all of the mates are very good at what they do on all the charters boats out of Wenona Harbor. Mike and the other mates on the Lady Katy are goods friends and they all work together making a perfect combination for fishing. It take both a good captain and good mate working together as a team to produce great results. Captain Art aboard Lady Katy Charters is one of the very best out there of accomplishing that. Plan your Striped Bass Charters today by contacting Lady Katy Charters at (443-614-3885) and join the fun.

Striped Bass Charters     Striped Bass Charters