Striped Bass Tackle Care

 Striped Bass Tackle Care is about Captain Art Benton of Lady Katy Charters taking care of his tackle. Keeping your gear in good shape is a must if you want to continue to catch fish with the same lures. You need to try and make sure that your lures do not bounce off the deck when you land your fish. This will sometimes chip or dent the lure and also crack the plastic eyes in the lures. Letting the plastic shad lay on a dirty deck will also allow them to become dull and stained looking. Always brush the hair and clean the lures before you put them back in the water. Captain Art always reminds his mates to be careful when handling Striped Bass Tackle when landing fish. He knows what it takes to be a successful fisherman and the cost of a quality lure. Captain Benton always wants his tackle to be in top condition for his anglers. He also knows that in the heat of the moment, when landing multiple fish sometimes things get a little chaotic and can not be helped like in the picture below. Lady Katy Charters landed its group of 8 anglers their limit of trophy fish using well cared for Striped Bass Tackle from Spanky’s Lures. Congratulations to Lady Katy Charters from Contact Captain Art now and plan your fishing trip now at (443-614-3885).

Striped Bass Tackle CareStriped Bass Tackle Care