Striped Bass Tackle

Striped Bass Tackle makes all the difference in the world when trolling for quality fish. Captain Delmas Benton had a small group of anglers who fish with him regularly aboard his boat The Islander out of Wenona Maryland. This group of anglers usually bottom fishes with Captain Delmas throughout the year but wanted to get in on some early April Striper Action. They were not disappointed as the captain put them on some real beauties using Spanky’s Lures. Captain Benton uses the right striped bass tackle to get the job done. Just relaxing on the water in early April aboard the Islander is fun but to come away with a great haul of stripers is even better. Great Job Anglers from Contact Islander Charters out of Wenona Maryland at (410-784-3066).


Striped Bass TackleStriped Bass TackleStriped Bass Tackle